Lemon (or Lime) Curd Is Better Without Sugar?Seriously

The inspiration for Honey Lemon Curd came from (blogger and friend) Letty Flatt?s recipe for the same. I loved the idea of exchanging honey for sugar in a recipe where I knew that the honey would be a welcome flavor?in addition to being the sweetener. I decided a make-over of my own lemon curd recipe was in order.
Unlike most, I make lemon curd in one pot over direct heat?a method perfected in my own pastry shop decades ago, where we made lemon curd in gallon-sized batches. I also make lemon curd with whole eggs or a combination of whole eggs and yolks instead of the classic yolks-only recipe, because it produces a tangier lemon flavor. And I strain my curd at the end to remove the grated zest and any stray bits of cooked egg white. Read More >>