Ngwenya Glass Is Changing the World, One Tumbler at a Time

In the late 1970s, South Africa was in the grip of apartheid and Mozambique was in the midst of a vicious civil war. Nestled between these two fractured countries was?and still is?Swaziland, a small independent nation that, at the time, served as a strategic hub for foreign governments seeking a safe ground from which to operate in South Africa and Mozambique. Along with the influx of diplomatic offices came foreign aid workers and money to start local development projects. An aid group funded by the Swedish government was one such organization in Swaziland at the time, looking to establish businesses in the area that would provide skills and economic security to the Swazi people.

That craft the Swedes brought was glassblowing, and the company that they started almost 40 years ago, and which today has made Swazi glass famous around the world, is Ngwenya Glass. Read More >>