Vegan BLT’s

Learn how to make vegan BLT sandwiches with tempeh ‘bacon’ and spicy mayo. They’re perfect for showcasing summer’s best tomatoes.

Bacon and Egg Pizza

Thin crust with a cheese and tomato base, strips of thick cut bacon and soft egg on top. It’s delicious! Serve for breakfast or brunch.

26 Burger Recipes

SLIDESHOW: There’s more than one way to make a burger. And we’ve collected darn near all of the ways worth knowing. View slideshow               …

Eggplant Quiche

This was one of the earliest recipes I developed when I began low-carbing 11 years ago and it was our lunch once again today.  It is truly delicious if you’re …

Spicy Stuffed Poblano Peppers

These stuffed poblano peppers aren’t overly spicy. They are packed with flavor from the spicy sausage, salty Parmesan cheese, creamy cream cheese, and hearty brown rice. Wrapping them in bacon …