French Hot Chocolate

One of my fondest memories of Paris was sipping a cup of thick, dark hot chocolate at one of their patisseries. French hot chocolate is velvety smooth, rich, decadent and …

Fried Banana Milkshakes

I love bananas?candy, bread, muffins, smoothies, with peanut butter?everything banana. So why not add bananas, kicked up several notches, to a milkshake? ?Julie Tran Deily,

23 3-Ingredient Christmas Desserts

Celebrate the season without all the fuss thanks to these 3-ingredient Christmas desserts. Here you’ll find simple cookies, fudge, candies and more. The post 23 3-Ingredient Christmas Desserts appeared first …

Watermelon Cake

This adorable cake looks like a watermelon and tastes like watermelon candy! It’s an easy cake recipe perfect for a kid’s birthday.