Fresh tomato salsa

This tomato salsa or pico de gallo is delicious bursting with refreshing flavours & super easy to make. A perfect side with tortilla chips.

Chicken Tinga Recipe

This chicken tinga is a classic dish made with shredded chicken that’s simmered in a smoky and savory sauce. A quick and easy dinner option that can be made into …

Mexican Brown Rice Salad Bowl

This Mexican brown rice salad bowl is not your average salad! It’s filling (thanks to the whole grains) and flavorful (thanks to everything else). Use your favorite salsa as a …

Avocado Ranch Sauce

A creamy sauce made from avocados & sour cream that is the perfect topping on Nachos or any other Mexican dish. Inspired by the popular side

Charro Beans Recipe

These charro beans are pinto beans simmered with bacon, tomatoes, chilies and spices, all in a hearty broth. A flavorful side dish or main course option that pairs perfectly with …