P-nut Butter Choc Chip Dessert

Yum! Everyone is going to fall in love with these. The chocolate chip cookie is perfectly chewy. A creamy peanut butter layer is a great flavor combination with the chocolate. …

Turkish Pide

A Turkish flatbread baked with a delicious stuffing of ricotta, feta, a few spices, egg, fresh herbs & nigella seeds. So yum & satisfying!

Grilled Pork Burgers

Smoky grilled pork burgers, crunchy coleslaw, and creamy yum yum sauce, all in one unbelievably good handheld package. You’re welcome.                

Kielbasa Pasta Casserole

This kielbasa pasta casserole is a hearty meal. Super cheesy, it’s a snap to prepare after a day at the office or running around with kids. We loved the savory …

Spinach Alfredo Pizza

Put a twist on your next pizza night with this spinach pizza. If you love Alfredo sauce, then you’ll love this. Think super creamy creamed spinach on top of pizza …