The Trader Joe’s?Inspired Morning Muffin My Mom Can’t Live Without

It?s 11:30 a.m., and I?m sitting at my desk when my mother?s face pops up on my phone screen as it begins buzzing. She knows we have a strict, no-calls-only-texts rule during the work day, so I assume it must be important. I answer her call to hysterical shrieks and cries, somewhere in between Nancy Kerrigan and that Kim Kardashian meme. I begin panicking as I try to make out what happened. Finally she catches her breath and exclaims, ?Trader Joe’s no longer has my Moral Fiber muffins!?
As she goes on, fitting in a good ol? “WHY?!” in between sentences, I begin to relax, realizing there was no tragedy other than a loss of fiber. ?I can?t believe it,? she laments. ?I?ve already called up five stores to see if I could buy up their stock, but it?s already gone. Why would they take it away?? Read More >>