The Video of a Man Chopping Cilantro We Can’t Stop Watching

Rebecca CastaƱeda stepped into 2018 and was, almost immediately, introduced to the dizzying world of viral fame when, on January 3rd, she posted a video to her Twitter account of a chef named Rogelio chopping an enormous bushel of cilantro in her family?s California restaurant, El Camino Real. Since, the video has garnered over three million views, drummed up a considerable conversation on Twitter, dazzled hordes of viewers, and catapulted Rogelio, the cilantro chopping champion, into the annals of digital stardom.

But the notoriety does not come without merit, Rogelio?s form is nothing short of exquisite: With one hand he confidently grabs a cilantro bushel that appears almost a thousand stalks wide, while the other hand, wielding an intensely sharp knife, makes brusk, deft cuts, slicing at a variety of angles. He works from stalk end to leaf end until nothing is left but a tiny mountain of freshly minced cilantro. The biting, earthy smell practically wafts off the screen. Read More >>